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The Italiana in the Northwest is the heart and soul of Festa Italiana Seattle.

Click to visit the Historical Photos! The first Italian immigrants reached Seattle a hundred years ago, exactly four centuries after Columbus discovered the Americas and Amerigo Vespucci gave them his name.

Festa proudly maintains a collection of historical photos, close to all our hearts.  Click here to see a sampling of the exhibit.  But be certain to make this look into local Italian history a "must."

From here, you can also jump to a page that lists Italian related organizations.  Just click here and see the foundation of Italiana in the Seattle area.

Festa is a totally volunteer driven effort.  If you would like to know a little more about us, you can simply go to our About Us page.

If you're up for a little light reading, you can go to the Seattle Italian Story provided by Festa Director, Dennis Caldirola.  It's a real thumbnail history lesson about the Italy-Seattle connection.

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