Three days of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

Think of a three-ring circus with a wide range of attractions and they all have with one thing in common: Italia!

What would you like? How about free entertainment all day long on two stages? To go to our Free Entertainment page, Click Here.

Perhaps some  friendly competition is your thing.  Get a teamBocce (Bocce) together and enter the DeLaurenti Bocce Tournament!

"What is Bocce," you ask?  Go to the page we've put up that provides the General Bocce Rules.

How about some good, old-fashioned, purple-footed fun?  Grape StompSign up for the Danzante Grape Stomp and jump in with both feet!  But don't forget, you must register to participate.  The details are all spelled out on the Danzante Grape Stomp page.

Grape Stomp heats are 45 minutes past the hour, both days, from Noon to 4 PM and it doesn't cost a cent to watch.  In fact, it's one of the biggest attractions at Festa!

nick stellinoBe sure and catch one of the many cooking demonstrations at the "The Great Italian Chefs" stage. They are presented every hour on the hour both days from Noon to 5 PM and, of course, there are free samples to go around!

Over in the Seattle Center Pavilion, there is Foto Italiana, an exhibit of contemporary photos of Italy. At this venue, you'll also find the Historical Photo display, the Wine Tasting and the Classical KING-FM Stage.

There are also plenty of arts and crafts in the Fisher Pavilion.  Wander around and pick up a souvenir or stop at a food booth and try pasta, pizza, an Italian sausage sandwich, gelato and more!

Just for the Kids, there will be a puppet show and various activities in the Larry's Market Kids Courtyard at the Seattle Center Pavilion.

And for adults, there are also three Wine & Beer Gardens on the grounds. Bring in your lunch, order a Moretti beer or a glass of Bolla wine, and then sit and watch the activity swirl around you.

The following beverages will be available:
Bolla Wines (Merlot, Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio) by the glass for $5.00
Bolla Wines (Merlot, Valpolicella and Pinot Grigio) by the bottle for $15.00
Peroni Beer (Imported) by the bottle for $3.00
Martini-Rossi Spumante by the glass for $3.00
Martini-Rossi Vermouth by the glass for $3.00
Frangelico Liquore by the shot for $4.00

In the end, this may be the real appeal of Festa, the spectacle of thousands of friends, family members and strangers all mingled together eating, drinking, singing and enjoying life. Salute!

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